Jorge Fco. Suárez Basáñez

We know we can transcend making art in the form of apps & games that people love.  

That's why I'm the co-founder of KaraOKulta, a videogame developer & publisher. We make networks of mobile apps & games either for our own portfolio or for clients. All of this happens in our co-working studio with our team and our community.

@karaokulta / (fb) Karaokulta is also coining the term "Crowdpublishing" and pioneering it as a business model with its product Gamebership

Used to blog at LatAm's Techcrunch

We help people become succesful in the videogame and app business while sharing our perils & stories at "Café con lentes".

Professional Speaker and ConsultantGame lover, and Crazy Author who wants to be Passion Personified!

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